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Investors Tourism Programme

Dear Valued Clients,

We are a platform provider for property developers to market their new property launches internationally. Hence we organize and provide Investor Tourism Programme (ITP) to our Premium International Clients cross countries. A tour shall be provided for our Premium Clients provided forfeitable deposit is paid to secure their desired property purchase in respective countries through our panel of registered real estate agents or developers sale employees. Kindly click and Book it to select your intended property to purchase. Upon receiving your Book it directly through website service provider with forfeitable deposit and select the respective project indicating your exact unit purchased) we shall inform your tour itinerary through email the exact date to tour the respective project booked by you and marketed by us. Accommodation shall be provided for our clients.  

Client Reserve Booking without booking deposit only enjoy their property for specific time period only. Local clients one day reservation expired by 12:00 noon next day. International clients, 2 days reservation expiry by 12 noon.

We hereby extend our services to our valued international property purchasers direct visa application through our affiliated partners,  a reliable international visa service provider. Click visa requirements for details.  Please click iVisa application to apply directly. We shall refund your application and service fees when you purchase our marketed property successfully in the respective countries. If approve by respective country authorities, a copy of electronic visa shall be emailed to you within specific days. You may click below to apply electronic visa :

For other clients may apply directly but subject to charges. Click visa requirements for details. Please click iVisa application accordingly. Its convenient and fast internationally.

All online visa application , visa service fees, flight, tour  and accommodation (referred as "Investors Tourism Progamme") in respective countries shall be provided FREE by us if a forfeitable deposit is paid and property is purchased.

The Management

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