Persatuan Institut Ejen Dan Perunding Hartanah Professional Malaysia




  1. To promote the role of Estate Agents, Probationary Estate Agents, Probationary Valuers, and Real Estate Negotiators in Malaysia as well as to respect and uphold the integrity of the profession of Estate Agents and its Governing body, the Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Malaysia (BOVAEA). 
  2. MIPEAC Councillors as of November 2017
    1. Sr Loh Soong Park (President)
    2. Mr. See Kok Loong (Deputy President)
    3.  Sr Khamsiah Binti Shamsuddin (Vice President)
    4. Sr. Low Han Hoe (Vice President)
    5. Sr Lee Pak Ling (Vice President)
    6. Mr Low Weng Soon (Secretary General)
    7. Ms Ong Poh See )Assistant Secretary General)
    8. Sr Azlan Harris Bin Suleiman (Treasurer General)
    9. Dato Sri' Ong Hong Swan (Assistant Treasurer General)
    10. Sr Loh Beng Hooi (Ordinary Council Member)
    11. Mr Jeffrey Khoo Kay Jin (Ordinary Council Member)
    12. Loo Boon Wei (Ordinary Council Member)
    13. Sr Stephanie Lim Liew Sim (Ordinary Council Member)
    14. Sr Yeo Kian Aun (Ordinary Council Member)
    15. Ms Ooi Seok Cheng (Ordinary Council Member)
    16. Sr Lim Ching Hwee (Ordinary Council Member)
    17. Sr Lee Sam Lin (Ordinary Council Member)
    18. Mr Gan Wei Seng (Ordinary Council Member)
    19. Sr Geh Thuan Peng (Ordinary Council Member)
    20. Ms Tan Geok Peng (Ordinary Council Member)
    21. Mr Ho Soon Wah (Ordinary Council Member)