Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. Investors Tourism Program
  2. Project Pricelist Definition
  3. Pro Chat
  4. Policy & Procedures of Sale & Lease
  5. Our role as service provider
  6. Auction Procedures

  1. Investors Tourism Program
    1. What is investors tourism program?
      1. Investor tourism program (ITP) is created to provide comfortable purchasing environment to serious purchases around the world for our marketed projects. All booking deposit payable is forfeitable. Hence the investors has an overview of the projects and its surroundings. 
    2. What happen to the online booking deposit i have paid?
      1. Purchasers booking deposit will be forfeitable if the purchaser decided to cancel booking as the bookings fees shall be use to pay visa application, visa service charges, tour, flight, accommodation and tour guide fees. However, if the purchaser purchase the respective marketed property by us, all tourism program cost shall be refunded to purchaser.
    3. What if i do not want a tour programme and just wish to buy online?
      1. Yes you can omit the tour programme. The online booking deposit its much lower compare to Investors Tour Programme. Then you can choose to go the the property site to inspect at your free will and time by contacting the respective panel agents at the respective project.  View respective project agents at pricelist project names. 
  2. Project Pricelist booking definition
    1. Buy mean client buy directly from the web service provider.
    2. Book it mean clients buy through a project sales agent or registered property negotiator.
    3. Reserve mean client reserve specific property unit without booking deposit for a specific period of time as follows :
      1. Local client purchase : reservation period 1 day. Expired next day on or before 12:00 noon
      2. International client purchase : reservation period 2 days. Expired on or before 12:00 noon by end of 2nd day.
      3. All property reserved are subjected to first come first basis. A note shall be forwarded to clients which reserved their property if there is any parties wish to pay prior to expiry.
  3. Pro Chat
    1. What is about Pro Chat?
      1. Pro Chat created to serve local and international clients enquiries on property purchase around the globe. Many occasions local and international clients wish to purchase property in every countries for their investments and use. However clients have difficulties to seek a proper relevant professional's to advise them with confidence. Hence we provide our list of professional panel to serve local and international clients. All enquiries will be charge according according to professional charges request and provided our client agree to the charges to be answer to their enquiry. There will be no charges if both parties do not agree to the charges. All questions given by professional are guaranteed by our company for rendering services professionally.
  4. Policy and Procedure of Sale and Lease
    1. Our company do not take direct sale or lease from clients. All sale or lease herein are perform by registered sale/lease agents, property developers, owners and or landlords which registered with us. Kindly click unclaim deal list to verify your clients for claims. If you can match the relevant questions we reimburse your claims accordingly. 
  5. Our role as Service Provider
    1. Our role is to provide a platform to all registered real estate agents and developers to market their properties through our url. There is no commission payout through this service provider platform. All commission shall be paid through the respected registered real estate agencies. property developers, owners and or landlords.
  6. Auction Procedures
    1. Interested bidder require goto Bidder Registration to register foremost before start to bid at the Bidding Room to commence bidding process. Bidders require to pay a banker's draft before bidding. All banker's draft will be return when unsuccessful bidding.
    2.  Membership Status
Description Basic User Silver Gold Platinum
Priority Auction Placement4321
Chat yesyesyes